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My name is Nicole Rouleau


Together, We Can Overcome:
Imagine a future where every decision you make is confident and calculated, where your goals are within reach, and where positive transformations radiate through every aspect of your life. I've dedicated myself to turning this vision into reality.

Unleashing Your Potential:
My mission is crystal clear – to empower you and/or your children with the tools needed to conquer obstacles. Through personalized strategies, we'll delve into the heart of your challenges, nurturing your decision-making skills, honing your goal-setting finesse, and paving the way for life-altering positive changes.

The Urgency of Now:
With the world evolving at an unprecedented pace, the need for strong executive function skills has never been more pressing. Your dreams deserve to flourish, and I'm here to ensure that executive function weaknesses no longer stand in your way.

🔹 Embrace your transformation
🔹 Forge unbreakable decision-making abilities
🔹 Craft a roadmap to conquer your goals
🔹 Ignite a journey of positive life changes

Executive function skills form the backbone of our success, enabling us to navigate the complexities of the world around us. 

In recent years, I've observed a troubling surge in executive function weaknesses among students and many adults. This is casting shadows over their potential for success and independence, not only within academics, but also in the broader landscape of life.

My own journey has led me to recognize the vital role that executive function skills play. As a dedicated coach, my unwavering commitment is fueled by a singular goal – to provide continuing support and guidance to those navigating these hurdles.

From my role as a mother to my journey as a dedicated learning specialist and teacher for students with learning differences spanning over 23 years, I've been incredibly blessed to witness how these experiences have remarkable influence on who I am today. This knowledge has humbled me and granted me profound insights into the potential they hold. With this understanding, I am genuinely committed to sharing these empowering tools that have guided me through the intricate paths of parenthood and education, believing they can similarly transform the lives of those I am privileged to assist.


What are clients saying?


I am really fortunate to found Nicole through her FB page while we were looking for EF information online.  The amount of knowledge and extra effort Nicole put on the FB first caught my attention, and then we started the journey with Nicole to help and guide my kid. Nicole always goes beyond to provide help, it is very impressive how Nicole makes herself available to both my kid and us, the parents. Her sessions not only give my kid specific time/stress management methods, but also great emotional support to let them feel hopeful while struggling with EF skills. She is so knowledgeable, compassionate and positive. I learned so much from her!  We really appreciate all the support from Nicole!"

Parent of a U of VA College Student

Factors that Contribute to
Executive Function Weakness


If you have executive dysfunction, there is no limit to the types of memory issues that it can involve - you might forget small details or entire events.


You might leave something at home that you needed for your day, or forget about what you were supposed to do that day entirely.


You might have a hard time composing text or solving complex math problems. It carries over into all areas of life.

Behavior & Emotional Regulation

The ways we behave and handle emotions play a big role in how others perceive us. 

If you struggle to regulate how you feel, it might be very difficult to control how you behave, especially in stressful situations.

Planning, Prioritizing & Task Management

In order to get things done, we have to be able to plan our time. If you have executive dysfunction, you may be disorganized, have difficulty making and sticking to plans with people, and have a hard time getting tasks done on time.

Focus, Accountability & Problem Solving

Solving problems can seem difficult because people with executive dysfunction lack flexible thinking, which is the ability to see things from different angles.  

People with executive dysfunction struggle to create an environment that is geared toward focus. 

It is helpful to work with your diagnosis and not against it. Accountability partners and support groups can help with this.  

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