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Specialized Services

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Coaching Programs

  • Student Executive Function Coaching

  • College Success Coaching

  • Parent Coaching 

  • Job Launch & Career Coaching for young adults

  • Professional Coaching & Training for schools and businesses

Decide if we are a good fit - complimentary discovery call and "get to know you" meeting 

EFgo from
Reflection Sciences

  • Looking to share your child's Executive Function level with their school to get more support and strategies built into the IEP or 504?

  • Explore the science-based Executive Function measure, EFgo™, from Reflection Sciences.

  • Use code MIND10 for 10% off and receive a complimentary EF activity guide where you can learn how to practice EF skills with your child at home now!

  • The #1 science-backed objective measure of executive function is now available for families on any web-enabled device!

  • EFgo™ for Families enables trusted adults to administer an at-home version of the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS™) anywhere they have a web-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

  • EFgo™ for Families provides everything in an easy-to-use package, delivering the benefits of the MEFS™ to families and caregivers at a low cost.

Reflection Sciences
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Student Studying
School Kids

Consulting Services

  • IEP Consultations - One-on-one sessions to interpret and understand your child's neuropsychological evaluation and provide guidance on educational planning.

  • Meeting PreparationAssistance in preparing for IEP meetings, including documentation, goal-setting, and guidance on managing expectations.

  • Specialist Attendance at Meetings - Specialist will attend IEP meetings with you to offer support, effective communication, and ensure all concerns are addressed.

  • Collaboration with SchoolsMediation between parents and school staff, fostering collaboration, and bridging communication gaps for a more effective partnership.

  • IEP Review and FeedbackReview of drafted IEP documents to ensure they comprehensively address your child's needs.

  • Follow-up ServicesAssistance in implementing strategies discussed during consultations, with ongoing support adapted to the evolving needs of your child and family.

  • Resource ReferralsReceive a curated list of resources, including books, websites, and support groups, with ongoing support .

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Ways to Offset Costs of Services

  • Ask about sliding scale fees.

  • Ask about group coaching sessions or consulting services at a lower fee.

  • If you are seeking a coach for career-related reasons, approach your organization’s human resources to ask if they’ll cover a portion of the cost. (Keep in mind this would expose your diagnosis to your employer, which some people may want to keep private).

  • You can claim your coach’s fee as a medical expense on your taxes if your doctor writes you a prescription for coaching.

  • If you run a business and are seeking coaching to grow as an entrepreneur, you may be able to claim a portion of the cost as a business expense. (sourced from

  • We can provide a statement for families that are getting reimbursed by school districts. It includes dates of services and payments received.

  • FSA and 529 Plans: Some of our clients have used their Flexible Spending Account/Health Savings Account (FSA/HSA) benefits to help pay for services.  

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