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About Us

We help clients understand that their unique brain states impact how they respond to stress in their environment. We collaborate with our clients to help them develop ways to regulate their emotions, demonstrate flexibility and build verbal and non-verbal working memory skills. These aspects comprise what we know as Executive Functions, a crucial set of life skills needed to achieve independence and success in life. Take a look below to see who we serve.

We coach & consult with overwhelmed parents

We help parents get to the root of their child's struggles, create a proactive, positive environment where everyone can thrive.

Parent coaching fosters support, understanding, and growth to decrease household issues, build positive relationships, and improve overall family function.

We help parents employ the use of co-regulation strategies when interacting with their child and other family members. Parents will learn ways to support their child, so they no longer feel stressed, anxious or drained.

We also offer comprehensive consultation services to parents, assisting them in preparing for accommodations and Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. Our aim is to empower parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to effectively advocate for their child's educational needs within the school system.

We understand that every family's financial situation is unique, and we are dedicated to working collaboratively to determine fees for our parent coaching services that align with your specific circumstances.

Academic and Social Executive Function

We guide clients in exploring a wide array of learning strategies that best fit their learning style. Our efforts extend towards cultivating positive routines and habits, both within the academic environment and at home.


We deeply acknowledge the pivotal role of internal language and self-talk in activating non-verbal working memory, which is the foundation of executive functioning. Client will have an opportunity to learn about their brain and build more positive internal language and self talk skills. 


Written expression and reading comprehension also requires an incredible amount of executive functioning, so we purposefully integrate interventions aimed at enhancing these cognitive domains into our comprehensive academic support.

With our help, students will not only become a pro at handling social situations but also supercharge their academic skills.

The holistic approach we take translates into remarkable improvements in performance, behavior, interpersonal connections, and overall productivity.


Our dedication revolves around forming a solid groundwork, where your internal dialogue and new life skills combine to enhance both your cognitive abilities and your interpersonal growth throughout your learning journey.

We help clients achieve independence in college and work life.

Whether you're stepping into college for the first time or making a return, we understand the unique challenges you face.


College life demands not only academic excellence but also the juggling act of mastering practical life skills – from handling laundry and self-care to staying nourished and hydrated. You might even have an on-campus job to add to the mix. Our support is geared towards empowering you to become a confident and independent young adult, ready to conquer the pressures that college life brings and also work toward personal growth and independence.

We assist in ways to be the best high school student possible.

As students move through high school, they start to see an increased expectation of what adults want them to know, like how to manage their life in an and out of school, self-advocate when needed, plan ahead, get and stay organized and be perfectly behaved in the classroom.


However, these skills are rarely taught with consistency in school or at home. With the right support, students will learn to apply situational awareness, planning and prioritizing skills and social executive functions, so they feel more in control of their decisions and prepared when heading into a college or trade school. 

We help find ways to manage stress and anxiety.

Anxiety is becoming very common among teens and adults as we move through a world with so many uncertainties. We work with clients to find the root cause and come up with strategies that will help mange stress and anxiety through emotional regulation and flexible thinking skills. We can also work alongside a therapist to provide the best approach so results are even more effective. 

We collaborate on the best ways to organize and manage work life.

An adult struggling in their professional career can be really tough. Some have a hard time setting and reaching goals, struggle to balancing work and family life, and others set high expectations for themselves and want to see improve productivity, We educate clients through the science of their unique brain and learn how this positively impact day to day life. With consistency and practice, clients will begin to understand the whys behind lack of motivation and drive as well as any other factors that contribute to not meeting their fullest potential. 

What to Expect 

Coaching is a process that takes time and commitment. Typically, clients are best prepared for independence after 8-12 months of consistent coaching. We will provide a more tailored estimate of the expected length of the client's coaching journey based on their unique needs and profile. The goal after 6 months is to step back the frequency of meetings, but no two clients are the same and this is done on a case by case basis. Beyond skill-building, helping clients to take responsibility for their lives is a vital part of the coaching process.  

Why do we believe Executive Function skills are the keys to success?

These skills directly impact people at home, in the workplace, at school, and in social situations. Executive function skills allow people to think before they act and consider consequences.​

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