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Why Our Words Matter - An Important Message for Parents & Teachers

Using 'Reinforcing Language' to Build Confidence and Executive Function Skills

Language shapes

nearly everything we do.

It permeates every interaction we have with our children/students. It forms how they think about themselves and school, how they learn and how they act. Intentional positive language will promote student growth and learning.

Help children build positive identities.

What we say to our student's can deeply affect their sense of who they are and what they wish to become someday. When we focus on their strengths, we can inspire student's to develop the skills they

need to achieve their goals, turning hopes to realities.

The words we use with our children help them understand how they work and think.

This gives them insight into what they are capable of and how to articulate their social, academic and behavior goals. When we offer feedback, invite student questions and ideas while maintaining respectful dialogue we help them to self-reflect and it works to build trust.

Our words and tone allow for the opportunity to create an environment of respectful interactions.

By guiding them to become self-motivated learners and to value their peers, we have the power to promote a sense of belonging and community. When we model positive language, our children pick up on that and begin using it on themselves.

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