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The Ugly Truth about Talcum Powder: Unveiling its Hidden Dangers

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

(This blog post was created at the request of seeking exposure to some current issues that are a real concern for many, and is designed to provide valuable information and insights on the subject.)

Talcum powder is a mineral made mostly of talc, which is extracted from open-pit mines through drilling or blasting. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry and is commonly used in baby powder, deodorants, and cosmetics due to its softness, natural absorption, and anti-caking properties.

"The global talc industry is worth several billion dollars—a number that is only expected to grow over time." ~

Using talc in baby powder has resulted in lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson®, as research shows that long-term use of talcum powder can cause cancer. Talcum powder use has been linked to various types of cancer, including ovarian and lung cancer, as well as less commonly, stomach and uterine cancer.

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